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Our Products


We have apparel that will wick moisture, reflect the sun's harmful rays, retain  body heat, provide compression and keep you cool during the summer and winter seasons.


We are proud to carry a wide selection of name brand footwear. We firmly believe that footwear is very important for training and racing for the runner or walker. Come in and have one of our friendly experts evaluate your gait for the perfect fit.


Along with apparel and footwear we carry gloves, socks, caps, beanies, insoles, foam rollers, massage sticks, nutrition and hydration drinks.

Southwest Runners is proud to carry products from the following companies:

* Brooks

* Asics

* Mizuno

* Saucony

* Salomon

* Oiselle

* Nathan

* Sofsole

* Tailwind

* Sword

* Accelerade

* Zensah

* TriggerPoint

* Feetures!

* The Stick

* Roll Recovery

* Honey Stinger

* Kinesio

* Pro-tec Athletics

* Body Glide

* Picky Bars

* DarnTough Socks

* OS1st

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